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Holistic Health Coach, Birth & postpartum Doula, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, and Childbirth Educator

Leah Osborne is a women’s wellness coach in every sense of the word.  Whether she’s working with someone battling decades of binge eating or a women birthing naturally for the first time, she will offer the attentive and compassionate care they need to overcome life’s greatest challenges with confidence. Leah empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, take back their power and live more confidently.


Whole Person Healing

After receiving my master’s degree in hospital administration I realized that our modern, western medical system functioned just like any other business – it needed to generate a profit and avoid liability above all else. This meant managing (not treating) patient symptoms with expensive labs, procedures and pharmaceuticals, with little to no emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

I learned quickly that I wasn’t going to get any real answers from my doctors, and if I wanted to heal the underlying root cause of my symptoms and not be reliant on medications for the rest of my life, I had to learn how the human body worked and what it needed to thrive. With this knowledge, I have helped not only myself, but hundreds of others avoid unnecessary medical interventions, learn to speak the language of their body and confidently nourish themselves to beat symptoms and heal.

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From Health Coach to Doula

This led me on a journey of supporting women in using food as medicine to balance their hormones, get off medications and boost their fertility naturally. From there, I began to get curious about birth, and what it looked like inside of our modern hospital system. To my dismay, I learned that birth was being treated like an illness, rather than a natural, physiological function of the body. This meant more hospital interventions, higher risks and unnecessary trauma for the mother and baby. Naturally, I felt a strong pull to step in, educate, advocate and support women in the birth space so that they could walk away with a birth experience they want to remember.

Postpartum Love

After witnessing the miracle of birth and the incredible power of women, I decided to devote my entire career to the birth world. I wanted to offer the full continuum of care, from supporting women’s fertility journey, coaching them through pregnancy and birth, and offering my loving support to mother’s during their transition into parenthood. During the postpartum period, I honor the mother’s incredible journey by preparing nourishing meals to support her recovery, helping with newborn care, offering emotional support, and assisting with everyday tasks to provide her with the peace of mind and reassurance she needs to thrive as a new mother.

health coach kc