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Target sneaky culprits and say goodbye to your PCOS symptoms for good.

Heal Your PCOS Naturally

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The Solution to Your PCOS Symptoms

The 4-week Power Over PCOS Course will help you target hormone-harming habits to lessen PCOS symptoms and fight PCOS naturally without crash diets, extreme workouts and risky medications.
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Speak the language of your body and say goodbye to

your PCOS symptoms for good.


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PCOS weight loss

My PCOS Story

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Trust Yourself Again

My whole life I battled my mind and body, feeling like my moods and symptoms were totally unpredictable and constantly betraying me. I had a complicated relationship with food from over a decade of chronic dieting to manage PCOS weight gain, which left me feeling out of control and perpetually guilty because I would often eat to the point of feeling sick. I was so ashamed because I felt like food had so much control over me and I couldn’t stick to my goals. It was a vicious cycle of starving, binging, killing myself in the gym, and just a overall lack of balance and peace in my life.

Disappointed By Dr's

I expressed my concerns about constant cravings, chronic fatigue and low libido to my doctors, but they continued to make light of them and leave me without answers. Their only “solution” for my PCOS symptoms were more medications that had scary side effects or that didn’t produce results. I felt so alone in my struggles and totally lost, thinking that nobody could understand the amount of embarrassment, pain and shame I dealing with. Eventually, I realized that nobody was going to rescue me, and it was up to me to rescue myself.

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Real Solutions

I’ve always been passionate about health and I used my research background and public health degree to dive headfirst into the research to understand my cravings, everyday toxins that were messing up my hormones, how detoxing worked, nutrition for healthy blood sugars, what my reproductive and nervous system needed, how to support my skin and more. I tried ancient remedies like Ayurvedic traditions and and modern health findings to accelerate cleansing until I banished my brain fog, chronic fatigue, weight struggles, skin issues, gut trouble, period pain and PCOS for good.

Be Your Own Health Advocate

These should be the best years of your life. Stop waiting around for someone else to save you and decide today to save yourself instead. Learn to work with your body to create more balance, trust and confidence so that you can ignite your energy, get glowing and heal your relationship with food and yourself.

Treat PCOS Without Birth Control

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PCOS Education

This 4-week, step-by-step online course will provide in-depth knowledge about the culprits behind PCOS, how certain ingredients, everyday products, trauma, emotions and behaviors are feeding your symptoms, and how to cleanse your system to heal. You’ll discover which everyday choices are fueling this disorder and which ones are fighting it.

PCOS Treatment

Each week you’ll be provided with specific & practical action steps that will support hormonal balance and detoxification. Plus, you’ll get access to the private Power Over PCOS Support Group, PCOS healing recipes, reading recommendations and tons of bonus materials!

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PCOS Recovery

By the end of these 4-weeks you’ll have gained the knowledge and developed some of the habits that will help you stop fighting food, wake up energized, heal breakouts, feel more balanced, boost libido and fertility, and have a symptom-free cycle!

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Course Overview

Week 1:

Welcome, Understanding Your Habits, Self-Awareness & Breaking Patterns

Week 2: 

The Divine Feminine, The Emotional Freedom Technique

Week 3: 

PCOS Anatomy, PCOS 101

Week 4: 

The PCOS Pantry, PCOS Healthy Swaps

Plus Bonus Materials! Gut Healing Guide, Detoxing Your Home

How It Works

1. Enroll Today
2. You’ll receive a welcome email with a link to access the course

3. Upon enrolling, you’ll have access to the welcome page and the first 2 lessons of the course

4. You’ll unlock 2 new lessons every 7 days

5. You’ll receive access to PDF downloads, recipes, videos and resources for you to work through at your own pace each week

6. Join the private, member’s only Facebook group

7. This group is an opportunity to ask questions, celebrate wins and problem solve with likeminded women!

PCOS diet and weight loss plan

“This multidimensional course has so much good information and takes a true holistic view of healing from PCOS. From the basics of anatomy, physiology and hormone issues, Leah includes important lifestyle approaches and helps you pay attention to the emotional factors that play into this condition. I love her discussion of the divine feminine! The recipes and practical tips are great as well!”

- Dr. Jane Murray, MD

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This Program Is For You If:

  • You have uncontrollable cravings & can’t seem to lose stubborn weight despite your efforts
  • You suffer from period pain, heavy periods or hormonal imbalances like PCOS
  • You experience hormonal acne on your face, back or chest
  • You suffer from hirsutism or hair loss related to PCOS
  • You want to make changes but you’re exhausted and are just trying to get through each day
  • Your lack of self-confidence and have inconsistent moods which are negatively impacting your life and relationships
  • You have PCOS related infertility or low libido
  • You don’t want to be reliant on medications like birth control but you’re scared of your symptoms returning

This Course Is Not For You If:

  • You prefer to make excuses rather than stepping into your power and becoming a problem solver
  • You prefer to blame others rather than taking full responsibility for your life and your choices
  • You can’t reserve 2 hours of focused attention a week to work through the lessons and apply the concepts

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied within the first 7 days, you can request a full refund. I stand by my programs,
and I know this program has worked for many women, including myself.

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PCOS diet
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